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The dialogue is over, industrial policy is strengthened

The competitive dialogue phase for a new Government of Catalonia ICT contracting model closes this week with the termination of the third and final round of dialogues with the participating companies. With the conclusion of this round table, during which participants had to discuss the cost model, the contracting model, resources and assets that they proposed as the best solution for each of the four dialogues, the dialogue phase comes to an end and a period of bidding for the new model opens, which will close at the end of June with the final awarding of the contracts.

Over many weeks, each and every one of the companies participating in the process gave the best of themselves, providing the best solutions and the best professionals.

As the Government of Catalonia, we are extremely satisfied with the involvement of the participants in the dialogues; the debates were enriching and the proposals, brilliant. As an administration, we have the obligation to preserve the work accomplished through this process: all this knowledge, all this talent, is of the highest level. It is truly worthy of publication as the White Paper on Telecommunications and Information Technologies of Catalonia, but, regrettably, this cannot be.

We are aware that the efforts made by the companies in this process sought a twofold objective. The main one and most evident: to attain one or more contracts through this tender. However, no less important was that of moving Catalonia forward, experimenting with new formulas for public-private collaboration and providing the government with what it needed: savings and modernisation. We are sure that the companies share in the Government’s feeling that ICTs are a gear shift and that, based on this affirmation, our Catalan nature has brought out the best in us all and has allowed us to speak of a successful process that has exceeded all expectations. We are to be congratulated.

The dialogue is over and soon the bidding will commence. The next few weeks will be paramount for the companies participating in this process, and we trust that the nerves and pressures of the moment will not distract us from seeking any other objective than presenting the best bids, the winning bids.

These bids must propose improving the ICT services of the Government of Catalonia in terms of price, and this can only be achieved by doing things differently. We are living in complicated times in which the government must do more with less, this we already know. Would that it were otherwise, a situation in which the sector was also driven by public contracting based on the quantity of investment, and not just qualitatively, as it is now.

We are aware that the sector’s satisfaction with the contracts awarded will be lower than the expectations generated. The reason is simple: less will be spent on ICT services than before. One thing is certain; we will have a new ICT sector ecosystem.

In this new ecosystem to be created based on the award, it is obvious that companies in the sector will outsource among themselves. The Government does not want to be a stranger to these processes, since the industrial policy of a government is to be informed of such processes. Therefore, we are moving towards finding the appropriate tools so that the CTTI and the Directorate General for Telecommunications and the Information Society can monitor the way in which this outsourcing is done. Let us not forget that we are talking about public funds, provided by the citizens, which we are ‘returning’ to the system. However, this cannot be done just any way.

The dialogues now come to a close and the awarding will start before summer. And if someone were to ask: And now what? Well, once this work is finished, we carry on.

The ICT sector, with or without public contracting, must continue to transform the economy and society. The Government of Catalonia is aware of this and therefore we will promote it. Internally, we will go ahead with new projects which we will explain in the coming months and for which we will need the sector. Externally, the idigital Plan, the Government’s new strategy to make Catalonia a hub of innovation and the digital society, will place emphasis on the use of ICTs by businesses and citizens. We will continue to build, to build while innovating, and we will continue to support the sector which, without a doubt, will get us out of the crisis.

Jordi Escalé, director gerent del Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació - Generalitat de Catalunya

Carles Flamerich, director general de Telecomunicacions i Societat de la Informació - Generalitat de Catalunya

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