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(Català) Neix el Canal TIC de la Generalitat

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(Català) Fòrum de les Tecnologies de la Informació 2013

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The Punt TIC enter the Global Telecentre Awards

The Telecentre.org Foundation receives 261 entries from centres from all over the world, 12 of them from Catalan managers, centres and projects.

A total of 12 managers, organisations and projects from the Catalan ICT Point Network (XPT) are entering the 1st Global Telecentre Awards, organised by the Telecentre.org Foundation. This prize, recognising the work of Internet access and ICT centres throughout the world, will particularly value aspects such as public participation, social innovation and sustainability.

You can be part of the jury and vote the proposals that you like

Telecentre.org is a foundation that promotes the creation and sustainability of telecentres at international level as places for promoting public access to the Internet and to information and communication technologies (ICT). For this year’s awards, the organisation has received a total of 261 proposals, which can be seen at the following link and which the public can vote for online during April. The three winning projects in each section will then be assessed by a committee of specialists, who will choose the winners. During the SPARK 2013 Global Forum on Telecentres, which will take place in Granada on 28 and 29 May, Telecentre.org will announce the 6 winners and will present the corresponding prizes.

Representatives of the ICT Point Network will have a chance of winning four of the six different categories into which the awards are organised.

These are the entrants, by category:


o Teb Youth Association Òmnia Point,  Barcelona

Telecentre manager:

o Jèss Zomeño, La Font dels Capellans Residents’ Association Òmnia Point, Manresa

o Mercè Fort, Santa Bàrbara ICT Point Infocentre

o Alexandra Bozonet, Sant Pau-Santa Creu Library ICT Point, Barcelona

o David Picó, Grupo Unión Òmnia Point, Sant Adrià de Besòs

o Pascal Cousseran, Sant Roc Community Centre Òmnia Point, Badalona

o Marc Pascual, Casal dels Infants Òmnia Point, Barcelona

Telecentre network:

o Lleida Telecentre Network

o ICT Point Network

Telecentre innovation:

o Social innovation ICTs in using and improving electronic administration, from the Ribera d’Ebre ICT Point

o Platform for social uses of NICTs, from the Sant Roc Community Centre Òmnia Point, Badalona

o Enterprise and digital social innovation centres, from the La Torre del Roser ICT Point, Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Although it is not presenting any entries in the categories recognising the best initiative and best information access centre, the participation of the Catalan ICT Point Network in this competition is very considerable, with entries that have real chances of winning the various awards. The presence of a manager from the Catalan Government’s Directorate-General for Telecommunications and the Information Society, Sergi Marcén, as a member of the jury is also an important feature. A win for any of the entries presented would involve new recognition of the work done at Catalan telecentres, which was already highlighted in 2012 with the presentation of the award for the best European manager to Esther Collado, of the Òmnia-ICT Point at the L’Escorxador Community Centre, La Seu d’Urgell.

More than 10 years of Xarxa Punt TIC

Begun in 2002 as a joint project between the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family of the Government of Catalonia, the network brings together different initiatives—the Òmnia project, teleworking telecentres, libraries and other associations or municipal centres—offering all members of the public and groups the opportunity to access the knowledge society. There are now more than 700 ICT Points working in two basic core areas: promoting technology among the public and the socioeconomic fabric of Catalonia and improving the quality of life and autonomy of people.

Success in achieving these aims depends largely on the role of the manager: the agent who detects the area’s needs, supports members of the public in their first steps in the digital world and turns the points into centres for information, training, community work, employability, participation and innovation, as well as economic driving forces.

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(Català) Les telecomunicacions durant el temporal de fred de febrer

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(Català) El Servei Català de Trànsit a Twitter

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(Català) Tu i l’idioma que utilitzes per comunicar-te a la xarxa

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(Català) El SOC obre 23 perfils professionals a twitter Feina Activa

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(Català) El SOC i Microsoft col.laboren per tal de contribuir a millorar la fomació i l’ocupabilitat de les persones en atur

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(Català) Si busqueu feina i teniu coneixements en tecnologies Microsoft, la fira FEM Barcelona és la vostra oportunitat per conèixer les millors ofertes en aquest àmbit

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(Català) IV Premi d’Orientació Acadèmica i Professional